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Are you in Northern Ireland and suffering symptoms that need relief – back pain, hip pain, Sciatica, etc.
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Help with pain in Northern Ireland

With over 30 years of experience in Osteopathy in Northern Ireland, I have helped many clients with a range of conditions this is where my strong reputation, recognition from leading private health insurance providers and an extensive list of clients and past clients comes from. I specialise in the treatment of back pain, Sciatica, neck pain and sports injuries but other conditions can be successfully treated.

Osteopathy is for more than simply back pain, your Osteopathy appointment with me can help relieve a wide range of conditions including:

– Sciatica
– Lower Back Pain
– Joint pains including: Hip, Knee Ankle or Shoulder pain
– Sports injuries
– Neck pain
– Tennis elbow
– Carpal tunnel syndrome
– Repetitive strain injuries / “computer shoulder”
– Headaches (certain types)
– Arthritic pain
– General, acute & chronic backache
– Generalised aches and pains
– Lumbago
– Rheumatic pain

As an Osteopath, the methods I use are mainly very gentle manual manipulation, usually painless, and my ethic is to resolve patients’ conditions as quickly as possible. If a situation arises where I do not feel that my approach is appropriate, I will immediately refer that patient to a fellow expert practitioner who may be better suited to work with that person’s particular condition. However, in the majority of cases I will be able to relieve pain from a variety of conditions quickly and effectively.

Common Symptoms I Can Frequently Help


Back pain, as anyone who has experienced it knows, is awful and impossible to ignore.  It can also cause symptoms in other areas of the body, such as sciatic pain or headaches, clicking jaw, and dizziness. As an osteopath I can diagnose your specific issue and use a range of gentle manipulations to resolve the issue and relieve the pain.


Sciatica or Sciatic nerve pain is caused by pressure, or inflammation, which can have several causes.  It can often be helped by working into the tight muscles of the low and mid back and the hip, altering the movement patterns of the spine to take the pressure off the base of the spine.


Hip pain can be extremely worrying and often debilitating, with a huge impact on quality of life. If you are unsure of the cause of your hip pain, then consulting an osteopath is always a good place to start. With my expert understanding of how a body functions and assessment of you as a whole, I will treat you based on your lifestyle, age and symptoms.


Incorrect equipment, playing too hard, not warming up or down, these can all cause sports injuries.  Reduced joint flexibility flexibility or pain are the big indicators of a problem. An osteopath can improve overall sports performance and treat any injuries, by restoring structural balance, increasing joint mobility and reducing soft tissue restriction – keeping you supple and improving muscle tone will also reduce risk of injury in the future.


Quality of life is vitally important at an older age, especially in keeping your independence and mobility. As an osteopath, generally I can greatly help reduce stiffness, improve mobility and circulation so you can enjoy an active life.




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CALL: 028 9268 2320